We’re strategically changing how organizations approach wellness.

Globally Advancing the Business of Wellness™

With deep roots leading wellness-driven hospitality, tourism and healthy lifestyle brands, Kyricos & Associates (K&A) understands the rapid evolution of all things “well” and the pressures this demand puts on businesses today. In response, we’ve created a proprietary suite of services - our Ecosystem of Wellbeing™ - to help organizations of all kinds create purpose-driven wellness strategies designed to make companies, brands, products, services, and colleagues inherently well.

We’re All Part of an Ecosystem of Wellbeing™

Twenty-first century companies are now expected to care for the wellbeing of people, community and planet.

"Mia is a true global leader in the “business of wellness” and has brought a unique perspective and fresh energy as the WW Global Innovation plans unfold. She understands both the B2B and B2C worlds, which is rare."

- Dondeena Bradley, Former Global Head of Innovation WW (Weight Watchers)

"Unlike many management consultants out there, Kyricos has held several leadership and executive positions in operations, marketing, branding and development, both at the property level and at the corporate level, making her a great “secret weapon” for any company seeking cross-functional advice in the business of wellness."

- Gary Henken Chairman at WTS International

"With a global network spanning fitness, spa, hospitality, health and wellness, among others, along with a great sense of branding and positioning within the marketplace, I felt that partnering with Kyricos & Associates would be a smart move for a young brand like Greek Girl, and I was right."

- Kathryn Sansone Founder & CEO, Greek Girl Beauty

"Mia’s passion for building and living well, as well as her international hospitality, wellness and branding expertise, has made her an invaluable asset to our team, and a pioneer in the wellness community space. I’m happy to call her both advisor and friend."

- Steve Nygren Owner & Founder, Serenbe Wellness Community

"From building global brands to evaluating and developing health and wellness-related destinations, Kyricos & Associates has a keen sense of the market, brand strategy and the talent required to make impact. We are honored to be part of their network. "

- Claire Way Managing Director, Spa Strategy

"Mia’s resume speaks volumes and her experience working across multiple segments of the global wellness and hospitality industries, not to mention her brand expertise, truly makes her an asset to any organization serious about positioning themselves in the space. She remains one of our strongest advocates of our mission to empower wellness worldwide."

– Susie Ellis CEO & Chairman, Global Wellness Institute

"Not only is she an expert on the business of wellness, but she knows how to enable companies and leaders to truly thrive in the 21st century. Kyricos’ ground-breaking research immediately made us think differently about how our company operates here in Portugal, and even inspired me to formally change my title to include CLO."

- Cristina Amaro CEO & Chief Love Officer, Empower Brands House

"I have known Mia for many years. She is true strategic thinking and leader in the global wellness and hospitality space. I strongly recommend her as an executive-level advisor for both the public and private sector. She is highly capable to advise cross-functionally and cross-culturally, and is a pleasure to work with."

- Philippe Bourguignon Vice Chairman, Revolution Places

"No one understands the business of wellness better. In a world with so much noise, Mia digests data, leans into her worldly and diverse experiences, and proposes actionable suggestions that yield positive results. I'm grateful to have Mia on the CHILL team."

- Laura Sage CEO & Founder, CHILL Meditation LLC
How Our Ecosystem of Wellbeing™ Works

Whether your goal is to launch or evolve a wellness-related brand, product or service, advance the wellbeing of your colleagues, or yes, leave your community better off than when you found it, we help you identify and activate your own unique Ecosystem of Wellbeing™. Making wellness part of your DNA.

Just Some Ways We Achieve Wellbeing with You

As a global network of business leaders and wellness experts, we help senior leadership teams identify business opportunities, achieve brand and business objectives, and solve cross-functional business challenges by leveraging wellness as a strategic differentiator. In addition, we are globally networked and regularly connect business owners, consultants and companies to one another for the purposes of developing strategic partnerships and business relationships to solve any of the following needs.

Brand Strategy & Company Positioning
Strategic Advising & Leadership Wellbeing
Guest Experience & Product Evaluations
Development & Operational Guidance
Keynote Speaking & Industry Expertise
Global Network of Wellness Leaders
Fostering a Well World

Our founder, Mia Kyricos, is a globally respected thought-leader in the business of wellness, hospitality and brand strategy. Her work and expertise has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Skift, Smart Money, Hotel Business, Travel Weekly, Real Simple, Market Watch and more. Here we share examples and insights on how Mia and team help people to live well—and love more—around the world.