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Kyricos & Associates (K&A) is strategic advisory and referral firm dedicated to the success of wellness, hospitality, tourism and healthy lifestyle companies. We are considered to be experts in the $4.5T global wellness economy with a specialty in brand strategy and communications, but we regularly work cross-functionally and cross-culturally to help senior leadership teams optimize and expand their businesses in truly impactful ways. Just think of us as problem-solvers for all things branded well; we excel in the multi-faceted business of wellness.


We serve the world of hospitality and service-driven enterprises (including spas, hotel companies, health resorts, wellness communities, leisure operators, travel and tourism bureaus and more) as well as healthy lifestyle brands, CPG companies and workplace environments interested in fostering colleague health and wellbeing. We also work with the partners and suppliers who help support them. Ultimately, we exist to help your businesses flourish.


We are problem-solvers. We meet with you, listen to your needs, and identify what is needed for your ultimate success. From there, we use our "Our 5 Key Principles” and where appropriate, tap into a vast network of global associates – each with winning track records and expertise in their respective fields and functions – to customize a team capable of realizing your vision together. In some instances, we even refer projects directly to them as your satisfaction, your wellbeing, is our top priority.

Our 5 Key Principles

Our team has decades of experience developing, operating, managing, marketing and leading hospitality-driven and wellness-focused organizations. We have particular expertise in the spa, wellness and travel sectors as well as functional expertise in overall branding, marketing and company positioning. Simply said, we have a knack for helping companies to better articulate who they are, what they offer and how to deliver it. Then, if necessary, we dig deeper and help them to create or evolve their products, services, guest and/or consumer experiences.

We are highly empathetic and compassionate individuals that have respect for all levels of business, whether front-line or c-suite. Team members are chosen because of how they can relate to your specific needs, situation and company, no matter how big or small. We believe that emotional intelligence is just as important as business performance so we work hard to read people just as well as we read numbers.

We are strategic advisors that consider the whole picture along with each moving part. You can rest-assured that the person or people we choose to work with, or refer your team to, will be experts at their craft. They know what is needed in each position at every level because many have worked and held those positions themselves. From the ground-up or top-down, from single unit to multi-unit, private to public, start-up to enterprise, domestic to global, we have the knowledge you need to succeed.

We are passionate, informed and excited about the evolution of global wellness economy as a conglomerate of lifestyle sectors – from wellness tourism to workplace wellbeing, nutrition to fitness, mindfulness and mental health, wellness real estate to complementary alternative medicine and more. We know what it means to be hospitable, and to live well in both work and in life. And we are excited to help shape the culture and success of today's wellness-driven organizations, whether they exist in the corporate, travel and leisure, educational, hospitality or healthcare worlds.

We strive to bring excellence to every project we take on. If we need help, we ask for it. If we do not know the right path, we find the right way. Ultimately, we want our clients, their guests and colleagues as well as our associates and network partners to feel completely satisfied by the work we do and the experiences we share. We look forward to excelling together.

About Us

KYRICOS & ASSOCIATES (K&A) was founded by Mia Kyricos, an industry veteran with 25 years of experience working for wellness and hospitality-driven companies including Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Spafinder Wellness Inc, EXOS, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Exhale Mind Body Spas, Canyon Ranch Health resorts and more. During her career, Kyricos developed a vast, global network of colleagues and associates from every corner of the world, traveling and working extensively across 100+ countries. Her goal in founding K&A was to better service the wellness, hospitality and lifestyle industries by leveraging her diverse network and reputation as an internationally-respected business leader, and wellness travel and lifestyle expert, in more meaningful ways.

Kyricos is a frequent speaker and contributing writer to hospitality publications and associations worldwide, and has been featured in popular business and trade publications including the New York Times, CNN, Travel Weekly, Leisure Media, Real Simple and more. She has sat on the boards of the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) and the University of California Irvine (UCI), and chaired the Wellness Community Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute, a 501 c3 non-profit that she helped to found and continues to advise. She also sits on the advisory boards of Wellness for Cancer and Cornell University. Follow her on Twitter or join her network on LinkedIn.


  • It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Mia. She is a true global leader in the “business of wellness” and has brought a unique perspective and fresh energy as the WW Global Innovation plans unfolded. She understands both the B2B and B2C worlds which is rare. And mostly, I am impressed with her ability to see a bigger picture and tactical applications for a path from "healthy" to "wellness". Mia is a pleasure to work with and works tirelessly to deliver what is needed while pushing you beyond traditional thinking! Dondeena Bradley
    Global Vice President, Nutrition and Wellbeing at Barilla Group - formerly, Global Head of Innovation for WW (WEIGHT WATCHERS)

  • Mia is a wonderful person to work with and have on the team. A real team player who cares about the people she manages and advises. Highly regarded executive in the wellness and hospitality space; she is considered a wellness travel and lifestyle expert. Mia led our company’s brand evolution by creating the Wellness 365 positioning and served as company spokesperson while also overseeing marketing, research, public relations and strategic partnership development.

    John Bevan

  • I have known Mia for many years, she is a true strategic thinker and leader in the global wellness and hospitality space. We worked closely together for many years including as fellow board members of the Global Wellness Summit. I strongly recommend her as an executive-level adviser for both the private and public sectors; she is particularly suited for health and wellness-related enterprises and endeavors, but highly capable to advise cross-functionally and cross culturally. Philippe Bourguignon
    Vice Chairman, Revolution Places